Summer Entertaining in Style

Posted by Olivia on Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Summer Entertaining in Style

Everyone loves to nibble.  An entertaining “must-have” is plenty of snacks to nibble on, and always within reach.   We found the perfect pieces!  Our Toscana collection of iron-forged branch servers and handcrafted ceramic bowls is a knockout! When we say “wrought iron,” here’s what that means: artisans literally immerse iron rods into hot flames until they are pliable; the rods are then forged into beautiful long branch designs. Simply put, they’re one-of-a-kind, and completely amazing. You can choose from either the single branch, which is studded with an olive on a decorative leaf, or the triple branch, which can hold three bowls at a time.

To go inside the branches, we’ve got two different serving bowls available. One is olive-hued and is hand-painted. The other, a gold bowl, is textured beautifully. Choose both if you can’t decide which you like best—they are sold individually, so you can mix and match!

These will make a stunning centerpiece on your picnic or patio table this season. Ready to nosh? Fill the bowls with olive oil-roasted almonds, gourmet infused olives, and maybe even some artisanal caramel popcorn—all to enjoy while you sip a glass of wine and ready the grill. Sit back and have a taste of the good life.

Let the summer entertaining begin—in style!

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