Community Press Day

Community Press is an opportunity for local olive growers to come together and create a community oil. This is offered to hobbyists who may have a few trees on their property, but not enough to reach the 800lb minimum for Custom Crush.

This is our late harvest Community Press Day. Join us for coffee, olive milling, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon to polish off Thanksgiving weekend.

This year we have a 300lbs max for Community Press without a minimum, at $0.75 per pound. If you have more than 300lbs, team up with a fellow olive grower and make an appointment for Custom Crush! Our Custom Crush minimum is 800lbs.

CUSTOM CRUSH MINIMUM - 800 lbs. by appt. only. (For information, please use the Contact Us form) 

Click here to read harvesting and storing do's and don'ts!


Sunday, December 1, 2013
9:00am - 3:00am


The Olive Press

  • Olive Growers 75 cents per pound

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