5 Delicious Ways to Cook With Lime Olive Oil This Summer

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

5 Delicious Ways to Cook With Lime Olive Oil This Summer

Are you familiar with our Lime Olive Oil? Part of our line of Citrus Extra Virgin Olive Oils, we make it by crushing fresh, whole limes with olives—the result is nothing short of refreshing and uplifting!

Summer is all around us, and this is really the best season to cook with our Lime Olive Oil. Its fruity, zippy flavor and aroma pair perfectly with all things summer—fruits, fresh herbs, garden veggies, and everything on the grill.

Here are just five (delicious!) ways to use Lime Olive Oil this summer season:

  1. Drizzle over fresh seafood. Whether you’ve just plank-grilled a fillet of salmon or pan-seared Bay scallops, our Lime Olive Oil is a complementary choice for using as a finishing drizzle. Just trickle a bit of oil over the finished dish and serve with fresh lime or lemon wedges for purely artisanal surf cuisine.
  2. Use as a seasonal meat marinade. Our Lime Olive Oil is a wonderful choice for homemade marinades, especially when it comes to summer-seasonal recipes. Grilled chicken breasts with herbs, carne asada, or BBQ shrimp are all great meat choices that would do well with a bit of Lime Olive Oil in the marinade. Just whisk oil to taste with lime juice, soy sauce, and herbs and spices of choice.
  3. Make a no-brainer summer slaw. Coleslaw isn’t always just cabbage and mayonnaise. In fact, it’s best when it isn’t! Try a summer slaw with shredded veggies of choice (we like any mix of purple cabbage, carrots, red onions, jicama, apples, and/or cilantro), then make a simple vinaigrette with our Lime Olive Oil. Just whisk with acid (like lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar), salt and pepper, and a bit of honey to taste. Then toss and enjoy!
  4. Use as your go-to grilling oil. Drizzle our Lime Olive Oil over grilled corn on the cob, vegetable kebabs, or meat skewers instead of the usual cooking oil. You’ll get the same great cooking results, but with the tangy hint of lime!
  5. Use to jazz up dips and sauces. Making guacamole? Jazz it up with a few drizzles of our Lime Olive Oil in the mix! It really makes those bright and herby flavors of guacamole pop, especially when you pair with fresh lime and cilantro. Use it to bring life to other homemade dips like hummus or fresh salsa. 

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some of our fave recipes using Lime Olive Oil:

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