5 Delicious Ways to Cook With Limonato ( Lemon) Olive Oil This Summer

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

5 Delicious Ways to Cook With Limonato ( Lemon) Olive Oil This Summer


When we wrote a blog on cooking tips for Lime Olive Oil recently, we got a great deal of positive feedback from everyone. And many of you even asked us to compile similar cooking tips for another one of our Citrus Olive Oils, our Limonato. This one’s for you!

Our Limonato Olive Oil is made by crushing together Mission olives with whole lemons. It has a crisp, sweet-tart flavor and incredibly refreshing aroma. Here are five delicious ways to use Limonato Olive Oil in your menus this summer season:

1)     Make lemon-infused scones. Replace butter in your fave scones recipe with Limonato. Use the ratio of ¾ cup olive oil for every 1 cup butter called for. Add jam or marmalade to finished scones, and prepare to swoon.

2)     Whisk up a honey-lemon dessert sauce. Whisk together equal parts Limonato with fresh lemon juice, and add a spoonful of honey to taste. Pour over chopped fresh fruits and warm pastries for divine citrus intervention.

3)     Make a purely citrus summer slaw. Limonato Olive Oil is bursting with sunny citrus flavors, and it’s wonderful in summery salads. Try a simple slaw with shredded veggies of choice (we like any mixture of cabbage, carrots, fennel, red onion, bell peppers, and/or basil), then make a simple vinaigrette with our Limonato Olive Oil. Just whisk with acid (like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar), salt and pepper, and a bit of honey to taste. Then toss and enjoy!

4)     Create a kicked-up raw summer soup. Summer soup classics like gazpacho and ceviche are going to be kicked up with Limonato Olive Oil. Just add a few drizzles in place of regular oil, and blend as usual in your recipe.

5)     Infuse your grain pilafs and salads. Making a grain pilaf for your summer picnic or patio lunch? Add a drizzle of Limonato into your cooked grains (try quinoa, pasta, or barley), then add vegetables and seasonings of choice. Enjoy the lemon infusion in each bite!

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite recipes using Limonato Olive Oil:

·       Lemon-Infused Ruby Quinoa

·       Limonato Pad Thai

·       Flourless Almond Lemon Bread

·       Summer Gazpacho Done Three Ways

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