Back of the Throat Stinging?: EVOO and Anti-Inflammation

Posted by Olivia on Friday, October 8th, 2010

If you’ve ever tried newly pressed extra virgin olive oil (and we hope that you have!), you are probably familiar with the stinging sensation in your throat when the oil hits the back of your mouth. This sensation is from a compound called oleocanthal—and researchers are finding that it may be more effective than over-the-counter drugs in keeping us healthy.

We’ve all heard by now that including extra virgin olive oil in your diet can improve your health—studies around the globe have shown the correlation between EVOO consumption and reduced chances of heart disease. And as researchers dig further into the role of oleocanthal, that compound that makes your throat sting, they are finding it to be one of the key reasons EVOO may prevent heart disease. This compound may work even stronger than ibuprofen in reducing inflammation.

Yet another reason to stick with extra virgin olive oil—the taste is unmatched by any other oil, and so are the health benefits!

For a taste of the perfect back-of-the-throat tickle, try our Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil--it's peppery, pungent, and full of oleocanthal!


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