February is California Olive Oil Month!

Posted by Olivia on Monday, January 31st, 2011

It’s with great excitement that we announce February as the 2nd Annual California Olive Oil Month!

In 2010, Governor Schwarzenegger declared February “California Olive Oil Month,” citing both the economic and health benefits of the internationally-renowned olive juice. To celebrate, we are offering a 10% discount on The Olive Press Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Feb 1st thru Feb 4th.  Just go onto www.theolivepress.com and type in discount coupon code 22011 to receive your discount.  (Remember to click the “apply” button to activate.)

Why are we celebrating?  Well, the olive oil industry is booming, especially in California, where 99% of all of the US’s olive oil is produced. The industry is booming so much, in fact, that olive tree acreage in California is expected to grow by 10,000 acres each year over the next 10 years. To put 10,000 acres into perspective, that’s about the size of Santa Barbara, full of new olive trees, popping up in California each year. Wow.

As key players in the industry-not only here in California, but in the greater world economy-, we are thrilled to have a recognized holiday in the name of olive oil! While we’re busy celebrating each and every day at The Olive Press, we realize that not everybody else lives and breathes olives (although it’s not such a bad life).

So how can you celebrate California Olive Oil Month?

For starters, stock up on fresh olive oil for your kitchen pantry. It’s the single greatest item you can have on hand in your kitchen—ready for drizzling on salads, tossing into marinades, crisping things up in the skillet, and using in light desserts. Olive oil is cited to be one of the healthiest fats out there, proven to reduce cholesterol and promote heart health, so do yourself a favor and keep the good stuff on hand.


We’re in the middle of citrus olive oil milling, and this is possibly the best time to get fresh olive oil. We recommend Limonato Olive Oil and Lime Olive Oil for starters—they’ll perk up any meal or dessert you’re whipping up. If you missed out on Olio Nuovo we just pressed in December, don’t worry; you can still get the goods here.

When you’re ready to come out of the kitchen and celebrate, join in any of the olive events going on all month. Whether you’re hungry for olive knowledge or noshes, there’s something going on you won’t want to miss. Check out our Events page for the latest happenings at The Olive Press, and learn all about Sonoma’s Olive Season here.

Happy California Olive Oil Month, everyone! Enjoy eating well and supporting your local economy!

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