Four Great Places to Substitute Olive Oil in the Kitchen

Posted by Olivia on Friday, August 5th, 2011

Four Great Places to Substitute Olive Oil in the Kitchen

You already know how good extra virgin olive oil is for you: It helps to reduce heat disease, cancer, and obesity, and it’s full of antioxidants and fatty acids that keep us feeling young, healthy, and just plain vibrant.

Olive oil isn’t just for sautéing, either. We get asked by our customers all the time: What are more ways I can use olive oil in the kitchen? It’s simple—you can substitute olive oil for all sorts of things in the kitchen. Here are four great places we like to use olive oil in the kitchen instead of the usual stuff:

1)      Instead of butter for baking: Yup, olive oil can be used in baked recipes, from brownies and cakes to frittatas and casseroles! Check out our conversion chart to get substitution measurements for all of your recipes.

2)      Instead of canned cooking spray: When greasing a baking pan, coating a sauté pan, prepping casserole dishes, and more, use olive oil instead of commercial “cooking spray” for an all-natural, healthy dose of olive oil. Use an olive oil sprayer for optimal results that will give you no-stick power with all the benefits of real olive oil.

3)      Instead of bottled sauces or table salt: Pour a small drizzle of olive oil over your meat entrees, grain pilafs, or vegetable sautés instead of finishing them off with bottled sauces or table salt, which pack on extra sodium. Instead, olive oil used as the finishing touch on your dishes gives flavor (without the sodium!), as well as a lovely sheen and a fresh dose of antioxidants. For maximum finishing flavor, use one of our Robust olive oils.

4)      Instead of the marinade: You wouldn’t necessarily think of marinating your meats or seafood in oil, but using extra virgin olive oil makes foods tender, juicy, and very flavorful. Just use equal parts olive oil and vinegar or acid of choice (like balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, or alcohol), and add any seasonings of choice. Your pork loin or flank steak is guaranteed to be better than any bottled marinade could make.

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