Fourth of July Tabletop Condiment Guide

Posted by Olivia on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Fourth of July Tabletop Condiment Guide

Families around the nation are going to be out on the patio this Fourth of July, grilling, picnicking, and enjoying some quality time together. We bet that the Fourth may indeed be one of the biggest cooking days of the year!

If you’re gearing up for an afternoon of cooking and feasting, check out our guide below for tabletop condiments. We’re going beyond ketchup, mayo, and salt here—we’re talking about sauces, spices, and tapenades. Read on for our tasty tips to kick up your Fourth of July menus with our line of artisanal condiments.

Happy celebrations, all!


We just launched our new line of Spice Blends, and we are really just so excited about them! These five exclusive blends are inspired by regional cuisines to match all sorts of meals and menus: Ras el Hanout (exotic blend inspired by Morocco), Harissa Morocco (just the right amount of heat), Seven Spice Blend (think Japanese cuisine), Mediterranean Spice Blend (perfect for making dipping oil), and Herbs de Provence with Sea Salt (the south of France never tasted so good).

Simply add these spices blends to your favorite variety of The Olive Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Citrus Crushed Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and instantly you’ll be ready to dip, marinate, or dress a salad like a true gourmet.

Try this:

  1. Combine spices of choice with just enough olive oil to make a thick paste. Rub mixture over meat of choice and marinate overnight. Toss on the grill and enjoy your flavorful spice-rubbed meat.
  2. Whisk spices of choice with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as an instant salad dressing with exotic flare.
  3. Toss spices of choice over freshly popped popcorn and drizzle with olive oil for a gourmet, heart-healthy patio snack.


There is nothing so easy as using our Grilling Sauces. Thick, smooth, and full of intense flavor, these sauces are ready to be poured over your meats and veggies for the grill. Use them as a marinade or as finishing sauce, drizzled right over your serving plates.

Try this:

  1. Use our Lemon Pepper Herb with Toasted Garlic Grilling Sauce over grilled fish or tossed with pasta salads for a garden-fresh flare.
  2. Use our Smoky Chipotle Grilling Sauce not only as a meat marinade, but as a secret ingredient inside your favorite burger patty recipe. Or just use it in place of BBQ sauce anywhere in the meal for a strong kick of smoky pepper heat.


There’s something for everyone with our Tapenade varieties: Tuscan Olive, Spicy Green Olive, Kalamata Olive, and Artichoke Lemon. Having a bottle or two of these tapenades around your July 4th table spread is a smart idea—they can be spread over grilled fish, crackers, and freshly baked bread.


Mustard needs no introduction for a July 4th menu—it’s a given! Our selection of Gourmet Mustards goes beyond simple Dijon or Brown. We’ve got Meyer Lemon Wasabi (which has a bright, citrusy flavor with a wasabi kick), Dijon Olive (with wonderfully savory bits of olives in the tangy mix), and Smokin’ Hot (which really does deliver some heat!). Try our mustards with hot dogs, burgers, and brats, and try some in your fave recipe for potato salad.

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