Introducing - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath & Body Products: Made with Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Posted by Olivia on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Introducing - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bath & Body Products: Made with Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There’s a huge amount of chatter lately about the benefits of olive oil – not just in nutrition, but as an all-natural body treatment that can’t be beat. We’re hearing about users applying olive oil as a hair moisturizer, as a bath soak, as body oil, and even as a remedy for skin problems like acne.

It’s true, olive oil is unbeatable when it comes to natural beauty; it’s been used for millennia since ancient Greek civilizations for such purposes. Because of olive oil’s high potency of antioxidants Vitamin A and E, it has an amazing ability to protect our skin from sun, pollution, smoke, and other irritants that make us age. It can even restore damaged skin cells – it’s pretty magical stuff!

While you could certainly drench your body in olive oil straight from the bottle, things might get a bit slick. Instead, try our bath and body products, which are made with The Olive Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil – the purest, freshest extra virgin olive oil you can find.

Our line of olive oil bath and body products is handcrafted in California with special formulation for ultimate relaxation and body restoration. Fragrances come in both lavender and lemongrass. Pamper yourself with only the best.

Body Butter: Slather this all over for complete spa treatment

Body Lotion: Your everyday lotion for post-shower and moisture maintenance

Hand Crème: Toss it in your purse or to-go bag, keeps hands silky soft

Foot Balm: Lotions don’t get much thicker than this - with real peppermint oil extracts, this balm can make even the roughest, most worn-out feet feel brand new

Massage Oil: Save a paycheck and skip the spa; this oil can get work out knots while revitalizing your skin

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