Introducing our Heritage Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Posted by Olivia on Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Introducing our Heritage Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Introducing for the first time to The Olive Press our brand new Heritage Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil! The Mission olive tree is unique to the United States but is thought to have originated in Spain. Long ago, Mission towns pressed these particular olives into oil, which was used for cooking and healing wounds. The most exciting aspect of this oil is the age of the trees it came from. This fruit was harvested from trees that are 125 years old! These particular trees are found in the Capay Valley of Northern California, where they thrive in high quality, unadulterated soil and a beautiful environment. The stature and bases of ordinary Mission olive trees are very large. However, the age of these particular trees allows them to have massive root systems and bases that border the entirety of the lot they’re grown on. These trees produce small fruit, which are typically harvested for curing and are later harvested for oil production. This beautiful oil has an aroma of ripe tomatoes and artichokes. With a subtle nutty taste… this delicate oil is well known as a fabulous substitute for butter as it finishes with a pleasant bitterness and slight pungency!

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