Introducing our Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Introducing our Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Our Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is near and dear to our hearts, as it is grown on our estate ranch not 3 miles from our mill in Sonoma, Ca. The olives were planted in 2002, with direction from our good friend Ed Stolman, founder of The Olive Press. We planted Pendolino, Frantoio and Leccino… three different Italian varietals which all work together to create the beautiful oil we know as Italian Blend. The olives are watched and pruned throughout the year to ensure the best quality. Our fantastic crew handpicks the olives just when the ripe to green ratio is close to 60/40. Our lab analysis shows that our Italian Blend has the highest Polyphenol count of all our oils. This is a measurement of antioxidants; it is what gives this oil the robust, herbaceous flavor, with a strong peppery finish. This oil is alive with flavor! It sings with fresh and earthy qualities that only beautiful, unadulterated fruit can present. We use no herbicides or pesticides and count on deer, sheep, and our mineral compost to provide a healthy environment. This in turn, strengthens our trees and adds character to our fruit. This oil is certainly reminiscent of the field blends that can be found all over Italy. They grow beautifully in our Sonoma climate and seem quite happy with their Northern California home. This oil will serve you well for at least two years. Use Italian Blend in your kitchen daily as both a cooking and finishing oil. It is versatile and long lasting because of its high antioxidant profile. Please enjoy! - Nancy Cline - Owner 

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