It’s Spring, and Farmers Markets Are Blooming!

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

It’s Spring, and Farmers Markets Are Blooming!

Did you know that in 2011, there were 7,175 farmers markets operating throughout the U.S.? That was a whopping 17% increase from 2010! And in 2012, we’re seeing more and more markets popping up all around the country, especially in California, where we are blessed with ideal conditions for growing food year-round. At The Olive Press, we are proud to be vendors at farmers markets throughout the state.

Luckily, our friends need little convincing to get out to their farmers markets, and it seems like most people around the country don’t either! A 2005 National Market Manager Survey conducted by the USDA says that the top three reasons people are starting to shop frequently at farmers markets are for freshness, taste, and access to local food.

And best of all, farmers markets are helping to debunk the myth that healthy food needs to be expensive. While shopping exclusively at high-end health food stores can get pricey, it’s been found that organic fruits and vegetables are actually cheaper at farmers markets than at the grocery store! Three studies conducted in Vermont, Washington State, and Iowa found that every single organic item was almost 40% cheaper at farmers markets than regular grocery stores. Wow!

Not only will you save money on fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, but you can also save on olive oil. We offer our olive oil in bulk so we can fill your bottle with liquid gold. Buying bulk olive oil ensures the freshest olive oil in your pantry all the time, and at a discounted rate. Our customers love that they can find fresh olive oil in bulk at the farmers market—it’s a rare treat that we are pleased to offer.

Right now, we’re at six farmers markets in Southern California, and another five in Northern California. For a complete listing of the markets we participate in, location and times, check out our Locations page here.

We hope to see you at the market this Spring!

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