Julie & Julia – go see it!

Posted by Olivia on Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Everyone must go see this film, even if you’re not a foodie. I dragged my 18 yr old son to it. He laughed throughout and enjoyed every moment. I was surprised when he said, ‘I’m just like Julia, I love to EAT too!’ (go figure). For someone who doesn’t cook and only eats, he was inspired to pick up a knife and pan. (Ah ha, my devious plan worked)! My memories of Julia date back to middle school when I would fake sick so I could stay home and watch the Julia Child Show and the Galloping Gourmet (remember him?). My mother would come home at the end of the day to find me in the kitchen with a crazy culinary creation. She couldn’t figure out how I recovered so quickly and got my appetite back!

Back then, I didn’t cook my way through Mastering the Art, but eventually I put quite a dent in Julia Child & Company based on the TV show. So many of the pages are splattered with bits of whatever was flying off my whisk. She taught me how to make a perfect hardboiled egg, flawless Hollandiase Sauce and tangy Baked Beans. Undaunted, I’ll never forget my attempt at The Los Gatos Gateau Cake, quite an undertaking. If my memory serves me, it wasn’t half bad. I also have fond memories of Julia and her sister Dorothy, coming into the restaurant where I worked in Sonoma – Cafe Pilou. I can still hear her voice resonanting through the dining room. Julia was my ealiest inspiration to follow my passion and for that, I am forever grateful.


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