New Fiesta Sampler Packs Just Released: Ole!

Posted by Olivia on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

New Fiesta Sampler Packs Just Released: Ole!

Just released in our shop, we have a new olive oil sampler collection: the Fiesta Packs! We’ve got four new Fiesta Packs, each offering six 60mL bottles of our finest liquids here at The Olive Press. Read on to see which set is made for you—there’s something for everyone. We recommend these as gifts for people that are just getting into olive oil and cooking, as they are a perfect introduction into the new world of artisanal flavors and olive oil nuances.


Balsamic Vinegar Fiesta Pack: For the salad and sauce lover

If you make saladsevery day or you love to whisk up saucesfor fish, meats, and desserts, this is the Fiesta Pack for you. Our complete balsamic includes Strawberry Balsamic, Black Currant Balsamic, Peach Balsamic, Fig Balsamic, Champagne Balsamic, and White Balsamic. With this set, you can experiment daily with new recipes for vinaigrettes, summer salsas, meat sauces, and fruit sauces. You’ll quickly fall in love with these authentic balsamics.


Citrus Fiesta Pack: For those addicted to fruits, sweets, and baking

Our Citrus Fiesta Pack is loaded with fresh olive oils that have been pressed with whole fruits. They are pure sunshine! In this set, you’ll get our Clementine, Lime, Limonato, and Blood Orange Olive Oils, as well as bottles of Champagne and White Balsamics. Any combination of these oils and vinegars can be wonderfully paired in baking recipes, fruit desserts, anything sweet, and of course, all flavors of the summer season.


The Olive Oil Fiesta Pack: For the serious dinner cook

The Olive Oil Fiesta Pack is a collection of our award-winning olive oils, ranging from fruity to spicy, from green to ripe. If you consider yourself a foodie, and you’re cooking up from-scratch meals on a regular basis, this is the set for you. You’ll get Koroneiki, Mission, Asconalo, Master Blend, Italian Blend, and Arbequina Olive Oils. Having this diverse collection of extra-virgins on hand is perfect for olive oil tasting parties, as well—just add wine, crackers, and fresh fruit!


The Multi Fiesta Pack: For the person who just wants it all!

What’s that, you say you just can’t decide? You need the Multi fiesta Pack; it’s loaded with a thoughtful collection of our olive oils, balsamics, and citrus oils. You’ll get Champagne Balsamic, Mission Olive Oil, Limonato Olive Oil, Strawberry Balsamic, Blood Orange Olive Oil, and Italian Blend Olive Oil. A bit of spice, a bit of fruit, a bit of tang, a bit of pepper—all in one set! You’re going to go nuts experimenting with this wonderful assortment.

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