Olio Nuovo, Our Just-Crushed Olive Oil, Is Now Available!

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Olio Nuovo, Our Just-Crushed Olive Oil, Is Now Available!

The most anticipated olive oil of the year, Olio Nuovo, has just been milled and is now available for purchase!

Lovers of olive oil wait all year for our New Oil to be released. It’s the freshest, richest olive oil you can find, and we’ve just milled it here at The Olive Press. If you’re new to the delicious world of extra virgin olive oils, you truly do not want to miss this opportunity to try Olio Nuovo. It’s the essence of just-crushed olives: raw, bright, and incredibly healthy!

What does Olio Nuovo taste like? This year, our Olio Nuovo has an amazingly fresh taste, alive with robust nutty and peppery flavors. As our marketing makager says, “It’s awesome!”

As Olio Nuovo is a special olive oil, we recommend you use it for special occasions and meals, where the integrity of the oil can really shine through. In other words: Keep it simple. You don’t want the aroma and flavors to be lost in a dish with lots of ingredients. Olio Nuovo is best served with minimalistic dishes, like raw salads, grilled fish, appetizer platters, or drizzled over a simple pasta. We recommend you consume within 45 days of purchase.

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s no better time to keep a bottle or two of this “just crushed” olive oil on hand in the kitchen. This is what you use when you want something extraordinary for your family and your guests.

Here are just a few ways to use Olio Nuovo:

·         Drizzle over raw green salads with fresh herbs and lemon juice.

·         Drizzle over simply grilled fish or meat cuts.

·         Use with bruschetta or as a dipping oil for breads and appetizers.

·         Use in any pesto recipe for a flavor-packed dip or sauce.

·         Drizzle over a cheese and fruit platter.

You can buy our Olio Nuovo in bulk right now on our website. Get it while supplies last!

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