Olive Oil Waffle Topped With Escarole Salad and Poached Eggs

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Olive Oil Waffle Topped With Escarole Salad and Poached Eggs

I have never tasted a waffle quite like this or experienced such innovative dishes for next to nothing, thanks, in large part, to the format of this restaurant. This restaurant began with a food truck called Fogcutter in the summer of 2011 and started “popping up” about 6 months later at a bar called Dear Mom on the corner of 16th and Harrison in the Mission district of San Francisco. As owner Caroline Hummer said, “Instead of designing one menu for a brick and mortar location, we have to tailor our menu to whatever location we are serving at that day. The Dear Mom menu is seasonal, quirky California cuisine that is also reasonably priced for the bar crowd.” 

Not only is their waffle baked with extra virgin olive oil, but it’s made into a savory dish; it’s topped with an escarole salad, pickled onion, sliced radishes, and…wait for it…two poached eggs. Accompanied with a spicy bloody mary, I found myself in my own personal heaven. 

Makes two olive oil waffles in a Belgian waffle iron:

1 egg

1-cup flour

1-tablespoon sugar

1-teaspoon baking powder

1/4-teaspoon baking soda

1/4-teaspoon salt

3/4-cup buttermilk

2 tablespoons melted and cooled butter

2.5 tablespoons The Olive Press Italian Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or a robust extra virgin olive oil)

Mix in standing mixer or by hand with whisk:

Mix dry ingredients together. Beat egg, and then alternate dry ingredients and buttermilk until fully mixed. Mix in butter and olive oil. Place 1/2 mix into waffle iron.

Egg Poaching tips from Guillermo Perez, Fogcutter’s egg master!

Fill a 2-4 qt sauce pot 3/4 full with water. Bring water to apx 160 degrees, or until it is steaming but not boiling. Add salt and 1/4 cup of acid (lemon juice or vinegar) to help coagulate egg whites. Pre-crack egg into small bowl, so yolk doesn't break. Slowly (not aggressively) stir water clockwise three times slowly, and gently drop egg into water. Cook until egg whites are cooked, apx. 2-3 minutes depending on water temperature. If the whites are cooked the yolk should be runny. Remove egg with slotted spoon, let water drip off egg, and serve!

Meyer Lemon Wasabi Vinaigrette

3 tablespoons Sevillano Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or a delicate extra virgin olive oil)

1.5 tablespoons White Balsamic Vinegar

1 tablespoon Meyer Lemon Wasabi Mustard

1 crushed clove of garlic

Whisk together and toss with escarole, sliced radishes, and pickled onion. Top this salad with a generous portion of shaved parmesan.

Top the waffle with the escarole salad, and two poached eggs for a savory brunch.

Of course I thought it might be soggy, but I was oh so wrong. The olive oil made the waffle just a little lighter and just a little crisper; Caroline added that the olive oil coaxes the waffle to the savory side so subtly, and she was oh so right. With the wholesome pastry taste and fluffy, crispy texture of the waffle, the salty, tangy salad and runny egg, oh my goodness I almost just lost my train of thought. It was one of those dishes where I explained every bite to my friend and wanted to tell everyone in there that they must order the same thing.

I mentioned The Olive Press to Caroline and she tried making her waffle with our Italian Blend, bringing this waffle to a new savory level.

What I love about this dish and the entire menu for that matter is how seasonally conscious it is. Of course eating seasonally is the healthiest way to go, but also the most delicious; why eat a hard, opaque red tomato now when you can enjoy root vegetables and wait for those summer heirlooms? Caroline agrees, “we are very focused on using local, seasonal produce… People complain when we take [an] item off the menu, but what they don't realize is that the only reason they loved the dish so much is because the produce was at it's height when we were serving it!” She also mentioned she wouldn’t mind taking her waffle to the sweet side and trying it with grilled strawberries this summer, doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

The Olive Press can’t wait to see what Caroline comes up with as the seasons change!

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