Three Simple Ways to Cook Better This Summer

Posted by Olivia on Friday, August 19th, 2011

Three Simple Ways to Cook Better This Summer

This summer, take advantage of the last weeks of warmth and sunshine by cooking meals that complement the season. It doesn’t take fancy equipment, extensive recipes, or a lengthy grocery list to make wonderful summer masterpieces. Here are our top three tips for cooking with olive oil this summer season:


Grilling with olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is perfectly suitable for using on the grill, as it can withstand temperatures well up to around 400°F. For basic meat and vegetable grilling, brush your foods with olive oil. Add any marinades, glazes, rubs, or sauces, if you like. To prepare the grill, lightly brush with olive oil, especially if cooking something on the drier side, like dry-rubbed steaks or turkey burgers. Finish off your grilled meats and vegetables with a drizzle of a robust olive oil for flavor and sheen, such as Italian Blend Olive Oil.


Summer salads with olive oil

Fruit and vegetable salads need very little dressing when eaten fresh in the summertime. Spicy leafy greens, crumbled cheeses, fresh leafy herbs, and a scattering of berries are all you need to make a perfectly simple and healthy summer salad. Learn to make the perfect vinaigrette in our how-to article here (hyperlink), or go super-simple with pure lemon juice and fresh extra virgin olive oil. For a fruit salad (such as berries, figs, arugula, and basil), try our lighter, fruitier olive oils. For a more robust summer salad, say with crumbled cheeses, cured meats, and hearty greens, try one of our robust olive oils.


Summer sautés with olive oil

Fresh zucchini, garden bell peppers, and fiery red tomatoes are just the thing to make your own raratoulli-inspired vegetable sauté this summer. Cube your summer vegetables and sauté them in ample olive oil, along with garlic, onions, and a Bay leaf, until tender and lightly caremalized. Add fresh basil and seasonings to taste, along with a splash of wine or balsamic, cover, and steam until juicy to taste. It couldn’t be easier.



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