Using Olive Oil in Your Workout Program This Summer

Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Using Olive Oil in Your Workout Program This Summer

Every athlete knows how important diet is to your workout regimen for your overall health. Protein and healthy carbohydrates usually get all the attention when it comes to what you should eat pre-and post-workout, but recent studies have shown that olive oil may also play a big role in keeping your body healthy during exercise recovery.

Our friends at Olive Oil Times have pointed to two important studies that relate olive oil back to exercise recovery. In one study, olive oil was shown to contain oleocanthal, which has anti-inflammatory properties similar to the pain reliever Ibuprofen. Olive oil consumption may be able to aid in the process of muscle repair and strengthening during your workout program.

Olive Oil Times has called out to another study, which showed olive oil’s ability to help cells absorb cholesterol and convert it to testosterone. This may help build muscles during workouts, and also increase energy levels.

Read about these studies and more at the Olive Oil Times here.

This summer, whether you’re training for a triathlon, exercising to shed a few pounds, or just running around with the kiddos in the backyard, make sure that you’re staying fueled up with wholesome, healthy foods.

Here are our personal tips for incorporating olive oil into any energetic summer regimen:

1) Stay energized! Our recipe for Almond Apricot Energy Bars is chockfull of whole grains, heart-healthy nuts, and our very own Blood Orange Olive Oil.

2) For a satisfying pasta dish that is full of healthy carbs and tons of veggies, try our recipe for Penne with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Corn, & Arugula.

3) And if you’re looking to cool down after a long day of working out or playing in the sun, reach for a cold bowl of homemade gazpacho soup. We have three original recipes for summer gazpacho right here.

4) Our entire line of Citrus Olive Oils is great for summer dining, but Lime Olive Oil is especially wonderful with fruits, vegetables, and energetic recipes from the garden. Check out our primer on using Lime Olive Oil this summer right here.

5) And, of course, don’t forget to take good care of your olive oil. Be sure to read our guide to caring for your olive oil during these summer months.

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