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Posted by Olivia on Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Welcome to our first blog. We hope to achieve a lot and have some fun in the process. This will be a work in progress, but most of all, an open dialog about All Things Olives.

We hope to educate, pontificate, share and deliciously entice. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and add your two cents about “everything olives and olive oil”.

Do you know what Extra Virgin really means? Is that a confusing term? Too many olive oils staring back at you on a grocery store shelf with wildly different labels and pricing? There’s a good explanation for that and we hope to clear things up a bit, along with the other great mysteries surrounding olive oil.  How do you know what you’re really getting? Is what’s on the label really what’s inside? We will get very serious about labeling laws and how important they are.  How do you use it?

Feel free to send us your favorite recipes. We constantly hear from our loyal customer’s (and staff) and we’ll share some of their yummy suggestions along the way. Anyway, it’s our blog (finally) and your opportunity to share with us. We’re down right passionate about what we do. Olive oil is our religion – it’s coursing through our veins.  We’re excited. So join in the fun!

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