Cooking with Olive Oil

Of course our favorite way to enjoy extra virgin olive oil is to showcase it by drizzling on salads, finishing soups and stews, or as dipping oil for crusty, rustic bread – but the fun doesn’t stop there! We absolutely LOVE cooking with it too! Whether we’re sautéing, roasting, marinating, or drizzling, it’s our go-to in the kitchen. It serves as a fabulous (and healthy) substitute for butter or canola oil in baking as well!

We are delighted to report that cooking with olive oil actually enhances the nutritious powers of certain foods, like tomatoes! Did you know that raw tomatoes are filled with lycopene, a carotenoid, which is fat soluble, leads to positive health, and may help prevent disease? Because it is fat soluble, it needs a healthy fat, or oil, to aid your body in absorbing this fabulous nutrition. What’s more, it is even more effective when cooked or stewed in olive oil! Roasting tomatoes in olive oil is the absolute best way to deliver this nutrient to your body.

Many of our consumers fear that cooking with olive oil is taboo, and while adding heat to most nutritious food does break down their healthy attributes, cooking with saturated fats and unhealthy oils is even worse.