Community Press

2019 Community Press will be held on Sunday, October 27th and Sunday, November 24th from 9am to 4pm.

Community Press is an opportunity for local olive growers to come together and create a community oil. This is offered to hobbyists who may have a few trees on their property, but not enough to reach the 800lb minimum for Custom Crush.

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This year we have a 300lbs max for Community Press, at $0.85 per pound.

If you have more than 300lbs, team up with a fellow olive grower and make an appointment for Custom Crush. CUSTOM CRUSH MINIMUM 800 lbs. By appointment only. (For info, click Contact Us link) 

Olives affected by the olive fly in excess of 10% will not produce quality EVOO and will not be accepted.

·         Oil will be ready for pick up 2 weeks later

·         Containers are a small but additional charge, due upon pickup

·         Walk-ins only, no reservation required

Each year, the local community gathers at The Olive Press mill with their hand-picked olives to create a community oil. Whether you have a small plastic container or large tubs, we welcome anyone in the local olive growing community. The oil pick-up date will be announced that day, typically a couple weeks after milling. 

Community Press Do's and Don'ts

Most importantly, we prefer that you pick olives in varying degrees of ripeness/color, 70-80% purple to black and 20-30% green is ideal. Try not to bring 100% green olives, if you can. They have a high degree of bitterness and dramatically affect the flavor of the oil. If you are only able to participate in one of the dates and your olives are still green, bring them in and we will try to blend them with ripe olives. Please do not bring over-ripe (Manzanillo) olives on the late November date.

We will only accept olives that are freshly picked, no more than 24 hours before bringing them to the press. Do not leave them in the sun to ferment or mold. Please DO NOT pick up fruit that has fallen to the ground (use a tarp under your tree when picking). We will inspect your olives when you bring them in, if your olives are not desirable, we reserve the right to refuse them. This includes olives that are infested with the OLIVE FRUIT FLY. This pest has made its way throughout California with a vengeance. It causes damage by laying an egg in a healthy olive. The larvae will eat the fruit, making the olives unsuitable for olive oil. If you are not informed about the Olive Fruit Fly, consult your County Agricultural Adviser or research the internet for information. If you have evidence of the Olive Fruit Fly, you must pick all your olives and dispose of them properly.

Bring your freshly picked olives in an appropriate container, no paper or plastic bags, please. Small plastic tubs/bucket containers are ideal. If you can’t lift it, neither can we, please no large trash bins either. We appreciate your cooperation! The container weight will be pressed together as they arrive throughout the day. Each person will receive the amount of oil in the percentage of weight they brought in. If your olives represent 10% of the total weight of the olives, you will receive 10% of the oil produced. We round to the nearest ounce. Additionally we cannot guess or guarantee a certain percentage yield.

We will bottle your oil in a new, clean container (either plastic or glass) that you will pay for when you pick up your oil. We do not accept customer supplied containers for bottling. You can pick up your portion of oil 1-2 weeks after processing. We will post the pick-up dates the day of the Community Press.

Thank you and happy harvesting! 

Co-Milling: We suggest teaming up with other olive growers to meet the Custom Crush minimum of 800 lbs. Please submit your name and telephone contact information in the form below. We will then post the list of names and telephone numbers below the form here for growers to contact each other to form a team for Custom Crush.