Infused Olive Oils

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Infused olive oils start as pure extra virgin olive oil. Locally grown herbs are harvested and dried in the sun. These dried herbs are then submerged in the extra virgin olive oil and cooked for approximately six hours at 130°F to ensure the oil is properly infused and incredibly flavorful!

Sage: Use this fragrant oil to add an earthy quality to your dishes! It will truly enhance the flavors in any recipe that includes pork, lamb or root vegetables!

Basil: Use this oil to add a subtle, sweet and fresh flavor to your dishes! Drizzle over pasta salads, roasted tomatoes or to finish a steak!

Fresh Garlic: This oil exudes a truly fresh flavor and aroma. Drizzle this oil on fresh bread, over pasta with parmesan cheese or as a finishing oil to grilled or roasted veggies!

Thyme: This oil is fresh and light, the perfect addition to any Italian-inspired dish. Use this oil in sauces, soups and stews to bring a warm and herbaceous flavor to your cuisine!