Bag In A Box

Bag In A Box


Category: Bulk Oils & Balsamic

Bag In A Box - Boxed Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Add quality & convenienceto your kitchen!

From the unrivaled health benefits to the incredible fresh flavor, it’s time to add more olive oil to your diet! Not only does the Bag In A Box protect olive oil from UV light and oxidation, it gives the oil a longer shelf life, and the fresh-lock spout allows for easy, controlled pours in the kitchen! Easy to use, easy to store, get the convenience of olive oil on tap right at your fingertips!

3 Liters  |  .8 Gallons  |  101 Fl. Oz.


Box dimensionds: 10.125" tall x 4.8125" wide

Italian Blend (#17IBBAG) - $80.00
Arbequina (#17ARBBAG) - $80.00



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Bag In A Box