Citrus Sampler Packs

Citrus Sampler Packs

$22.00 - $43.00

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This is the citrus lover's dream! 

The Four Bottle Citrus Sampler includes four 100ml bottles of The Olive Press Limonato, Blood Orange, Lime, and White Balsamic.

The Two Bottle Citrus Sampler includes two 100ml bottles of Blood Orange and White Balsamic Vinegar.  

Adding citrus olive oils to your salads, pastas and seafood adds an extra layer of flavor, but just in case you need some more ideas, recipe suggestions are included.

Recent Awards:
Blood Orange Gold Medal 2011

Limonato Gold Medal 2011
Lime Silver Medal 2011

Sizes Available:
Four Pack (#M) - $43.00
Two Pack (#W) - $22.00



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Citrus Sampler Packs