Master Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Master Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$19.00 - $28.00

Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oils Medium

We are often asked "Why do you call it Master Blend?" To put it simply, it is a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oils that is expertly created and blended by our Master Miller - always a customer favorite! Harvested Nov/Dec 2018. Free Fatty Acid: 0.15%. Available in two sizes: 500ml & 250ml bottles and tins.


Sizes Available:
250ml Bottle (#18MB250B) - $19.00
250ml Tin (#18MB250T) - $19.00
500ml Bottle (#18MB500B) - $28.00
500ml Tin (#18MB500T) - $28.00


We Suggest Pairing with:
The Olive Press Champagne Balsamic


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  • 2018 - SilverSonoma County Harvest Fair
  • 2015 - BronzeYolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition
  • 2015 - BronzeL.A. Int'l Olive Oil Competition
  • 2001 - SilverSonoma County Harvest Fair