Olio Nuovo 2018

Olio Nuovo 2018


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Olio Nuovo is Italian for "New Oil" 

Each year we bottle the first pressing of our extra virgin olive oil and share it with you. An olive oil aficionado's dream—unfiltered, green, herbaceous, peppery and lusciously viscous! 

Olio Nuovo is an Italian tradition, shared with special friends and family at the pinnacle of freshness. In Tuscany they make "fettunta,"- which is toasted bread, scraped with a raw clove of garlic, drizzled generously with Olio Nuovo and lightly salted. The best garlic bread ever!

Enjoy Olio Nuovo with fresh food or as a finishing oil. Adorn a raw, thinly shaved fennel salad, seared fish or scallops, goat cheese, or a delicate mixed greens salad with this special extra virgin olive oil.

Savor the health benefits of this beautiful, fresh oil also, as it contains the highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants. It is unfiltered, which will result in some sediment, but enjoy it now, for the fullest, most delicious flavors. 

Sizes Available:
500ml Bottle (#18ONARB500B ) - $30.00



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Olio Nuovo 2018