How Olive Oil Is Made

Our olive oils are made following old-world traditions. Freshly harvested olives are delivered directly to the mill and then sorted.

  • The olives then travel through a washer to remove leaves and stems followed by a water bath and gentle agitator.
  • Next, the olives are conveyed to our hammer mill where they are crushed into a paste.
  • Then the paste travels to a malaxer for a slow turn to begin the process of separating the oil from the paste.
  • From there it is pumped to a horizontal decanter that spins rapidly, using centrifugal force to release the oil from the paste (solids).
  • Once separate, the remaining paste (pomace) is sent to composting and the oil is collected in stainless steel drums and then pumped to storage vessels.
  • The new oil is allowed to settle for up to a month allowing any remaining particles to drop to the bottom of the tank before final filtering.

The result of this labor of love is heart healthy, rich and delicious, extra virgin olive oil.